Friday, December 5, 2008


What a difference it is with our second child. With Declan I think I hesitated leaving the hospital... Took my time packing up, not asking exactly what we needed to do in order to leave. This time I was unable to sleep after the last feeding in the night at five and was waiting until 6:15 to wake Dave. I think I was packed, and ready to leave the hospital by 9:30am.

For the way home, Declan enjoyed pointing out to his sleeping Baby sister Dana the Schulkill River, the zoo balloon, Boathouse Row, Art Museum, William Penn on City Hall, airplanes in the sky, and of course his and Grampy's favorite thing to talk about... the Pirate Ship! (It is actually the Moshulu, a tall ship with a restaurant on it.) We then arrived at our house and Declan then told her all our neighbors names and where their houses were. Finally in the door.